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The Framework to Becoming a Mindful Speech Clinician



An online mindfulness training that provides tools to recognize and reduce overwhelm and burnout, connect with and gain control over emotions, compassionately communicate in challenging times, and increase self-confidence and overall morale which will strengthen productivity and outcomes. This course is also loaded with therapy ideas to share with clients.





This life-changing program is for you if...


You are a passionate and dedicated SLP/SLPA with no shortage of challenges who’s tired of trading your happiness and joy for overwhelm and stress, and are ready and eager to positively impact infinitely more lives from a place of well-being, feeling more energy, inspiration, and balance. 


Whether You Are...

  • A clinician who values sustainability and stability on the job when managing increasing caseloads, workloads and expectations
  • A clinician who values compassionate communication when navigating challenging relationships 
  • A clinician who values appreciation, honesty and generosity but you think you are undervalued, underappreciated, unheard and you are losing sight of your motivation to work in this field
  • A clinician who values self-growth and development and also wants to be of service in this world to others using evidence-based strategies and techniques
  • An open-minded clinician who values continuing education and is intrigued by the benefits of mindfulness practice and how to apply the principles into your role as a clinician 
  • A new or experienced clinician in the field who values wellness and work-life balance and is looking to establish healthy habits and mindsets now are in the right place! You already have the degree, the expertise in the field, and the commitment.  Take it to the next level for yourself and for all of the lives you will affect.  “The Framework to Becoming a Mindful Speech Clinician” will give you the strategies, inspiration, confidence and unparalleled support on your journey to becoming a Mindful Speech Clinician.

Hey there,

I am so glad you are here.

Learning mindfulness-based practices has transformed my personal and professional life with greater well-being.  

I was first introduced to mindfulness and meditation practices from a former OT colleague at a school district in 2011.  I have deepened my practice overtime. I completed an online 2-year training in Awareness and Compassion-Based practices and I hold a Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification, provided by Sounds True in partnership with the Greater Good Science Center.

My instructors included some of the world's most respected mindfulness teachers of modern day:  Jack Kornfield, Tara Brach, Eckhart Tolle, Ruth King, Kristin Neff and so many others.

From my continued practice with mindfulness and meditation...

I’ve experienced firsthand what it feels like to transition from being a tired, reactive, overworked, and completely stressed out SLP in an unreasonably demanding job placement, to being a more compassionate, simplistic and patient SLP who knows how to establish boundaries, advocate for my needs, show up with more wisdom and clarity and care for my emotional and physical well-being.  I am continually learning how I can show up in my role as my BEST self.

More than anything else, I want to share that with you today. I place a strong value on health and well-being, work-life balance, sustainability, and self-development.  I place a strong importance on thankful appreciation, generosity, and compassion.  If you align with my value system, or any of these core principles, then this course was made with you in mind.

If you’re a CF, SLP, SLPA or a student about to enter into a career in speech pathology, you owe it to your future self to experience firsthand the emotional and physical, science-backed benefits that mindfulness provides-- and to take real, tangible steps to transforming your life as well as the lives of hundreds or even thousands of your future clients in all settings.

Should you choose to accept my invitation, I personally guarantee that your experience will be filled with game-changing strategies that you can immediately begin to implement for yourself and your clients. You can become a Mindful Speech Clinician with practice and commitment.

I look forward to meeting you personally inside of  "The Framework to Becoming a Mindful Speech Clinician".

 ALL my gratitude,

 Stephanie Michele Sweigart M.S. CCC-SLP


By the end of this program,

you will have…

  • A step-by-step, comprehensive framework to becoming a Mindful Speech Clinician (one with more awareness, patience and compassion) from a licensed, practicing SLP who is trained and certified as a teacher of Mindfulness Meditation.
  • Resources, video demonstrations, handouts, experiential practice and journaling opportunities to reduce stress, develop more mind-body awareness, elevate happiness and well-being, and increase resilience, concentration, focus and clarity both personally and professionally.
  • Strategies for building stronger team connections and gaining confidence while reducing reactivity to challenging situations.
  • Therapy activities to use with your clients.
  • With commitment, practice and consistency you will begin to see your personal and professional growth.
  • This course will offer a Level 1- Mindfulness Certificate for Speech Clinicians from Golden State of Mind PD.
  • The opportunity to earn CEUs or CMHs * see below.
  • Transcripts of the lessons are available to download.
"Being a fellow speech and language colleague, I had not realized the importance of mindfulness in our field until I met Stephanie.  Through her program, I have learned how to better set boundaries and advocate for my needs in the workplace, which has always been a challenge for me in the past.  I have noticed a positive shift in my own emotional regulation, attentional control and overall self-compassion.  Thank you Stephanie for your guidance!" Josephine - SLP


"I love how everything was presented in an effective way by using short modules and being clear and keeping things simple.  It was also very organized. It taught me how to be more mindful in my day and how to manage my stress to provide better services for my students.
Neriann - SLP
"Mindfulness is a beneficial skill for speech clinicians.  When overwhelmed in a job you can feel worthless and lose site of the positive impact you make on people.  Bringing focus back to the present allows clinicians to work at their full potential.  Being mindful also helps to recognize the emotions that affect our physical being.  We learn to acknowledge the feeling and give ourselves permission to be human.  It's not about holding an uncomfortable feeling to get through a moment or altercation with a coworker.  Rather, allowing feelings to be and finding the space that allows us to engage with thoughtful intention" Sarah- SLPA


What’s inside The Framework to Becoming a Mindful Speech Clinician


Module 01

Building Our Mindfulness Speech Toolbox- One Breath at a Time

  • Understand the concepts of mindfulness and meditation-- learn more about this hot and trendy topic that has made its way into large organizations and businesses, schools, hospitals, magazines and more.
  • Develop mindfulness of the breath-- learn breathwork and grounding strategies to reduce overwhelm and increase your health and well-being.  These strategies will help to keep you moving forward in your career with more grace, ease, happiness and joy.
  • Establish a mindfulness practice-- learn the pathway to establishing your own simple and effective practice, guided by a licensed SLP, and integrate it into your observations, assessments and therapy time with clients to improve productivity and outcomes.  Ideas for therapy activities are provided. 
  • Transform your way of observing each situation, by connecting to the present moment as it is without judgment, to mitigate possible overwhelm or burnout.

See our FAQs below for more highlights...

Module 02

Building Our Mindfulness Speech Toolbox- With Our Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes!

  • Understand stress and its relationship with the body-- learn ways that stress and burnout can manifest in the physical body.
  • Develop mindfulness of the body-- learn and experience a mind-body practice to tune into the wisdom of your body while strengthening your focus and concentration.
  • Increase your physical well-being-- learn on-the-go strategies to increase overall wellness, and to successfully live from a place of choice rather than from a place of reactivity.
  • Transform your current way of relating to stress, increasing happiness and well-being and gaining more wisdom and clarity.

See our FAQs below for more highlights...

Module 03

Building Our Mindfulness Speech Toolbox- Keep Calm & Speech On!

  • Understand the world of emotions-- learn awareness strategies for identifying present moment emotions that can hinder your ability to fully show up in your role as a speech clinician.  
  • Develop mindfulness of emotions-- learn a strategy for effectively managing your emotions creating opportunities for more positive outcomes.
  • Connect to the intelligence of emotions-- learn keys to compassionate communication, strengthening more relationships and collaboration.
  • Transform your ability of controlling your emotions, gaining stability and confidence in challenging times.

See our FAQs below for more highlights...

Module 04

Building Our Mindfulness Speech Tool Box-  S.T.O.P, Collaborate and Listen

  • Understand the thinking mind and its relationship with the body--  learn ways that un-serving thoughts can manifest in the physical body.
  • Develop mindfulness of thoughts-- learn simple strategies for non-judgmentally identifying patterns of thinking and for decluttering thoughts that can hinder your availability for others.
  • Support others with more knowledge and clarity-- learn valuable mindfulness tools that you can share with clients immediately to create deeper and more meaningful connections.
  • Transform your ability of having control over which thoughts you follow, reducing your reactivity to situations.

 See our FAQs below for more highlights...

When you enroll during this special, limited-time period,

you will receive:


The Framework to Becoming a Mindful Speech Clinician
(A $699 Value)

Four modules and more...

  • Four recorded implementation modules  (90 minutes each) showing you the path to transition from being an overwhelmed, overworked and exhausted MindFULL Speech Clinician to a MindFUL one. Carry a toolbox filled with practical evidence-based, healthy strategies to successfully create clear boundaries and better habits. Increase your clarity and confidence when advocating for your needs. Elevate your happiness, joy and gratitude in even the most challenging times.
  • A step-by-step framework from a licensed and practicing SLP, trained and certified as a teacher of Mindfulness Meditation, showing you how to develop and implement science-backed principles of mindfulness into your personal life and your professional role. Video examples with students provided.
  • Strategies, worksheets, scripts, experiential practice, guides and more to start your wellness journey or to deepen your mindfulness practice you have already established!

 Complete this independent study course at your own pace!


To help you feel supported in your journey... will receive:
  • Access to our “Golden State of Mind Speech Clinicians” private Facebook group with fellow and alumni students, a space to overcome isolation and constantly refill your motivation and inspiration tank.  Connect with a licensed SLP with a teacher’s certification in Mindfulness Meditation, as well as other SLPs and SLPAs integrating mindfulness into their speech careers.

Plus, this bonus to inspire gratitude and grateful living...

Bonus 01

Letting Gratitude Be Your Guide

Are there some days where you feel overworked and underappreciated? Where your inner light you share with the world has become dim?

Do you value thankful appreciation and goodness?

“If the only prayer that you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.” Meister Eckhart 

When you take the time to be thankful for things in your life, you give yourself and others many wonderful gifts.  When you increase your appreciation for things around you, you attract more of those things to you.  Let gratitude guide you on your journey with mindfulness. Let gratitude reignite the inspiration and light inside of you, so that you may continually share it with others while reaping the health benefits this can bring.

(A $89 Value)

Inside this 30-minute mini-course, you will:

  • Reveal the qualities of gratitude and examples of blockages that may arise.
  • Deepen your practice with gratitude through a guided meditation.
  • Learn how to easily incorporate principles of gratitude into your role as a speech clinician.

Plus, you will be backed by a RISK-FREE, 7-day guarantee.

If you do not feel totally inspired and motivated, simply reach out. Show us you have put in the work, and we’ll gladly refund your investment.

Burning Qs that SLPs & SLPAs may ask before grabbing access:

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  • You want to get back your happiness, inspiration and joy for the badly. You’ve considered leaving the field due to the increased occupational stress and dissatisfaction, but put your blood, sweat and tears into getting into the field in the first place. You feel invested.


  • Whether it’s a super demanding job placement or constant overwhelm from the field, you’re fully aware that you don’t have the energy, motivation, emotional well-being and boundaries that you TRULY need to be living your best SLP/SLPA life.


  • More importantly, this is for you if you are happy and fulfilled in your career, but... you’d prefer to set yourself up for success by elevating your personal and professional life with tools of mindfulness.


That’s why you’re motivated to invest in yourself.  Learn practical, game-changing, and healthy strategies and commit to implementing simple, digestible ways to develop mindfulness. Dramatically alter the rest of your life and career if you put the practice into consistent action.

                                                 That’s all I got….

If any of these motivating factors had you nodding your head -- I gently nudge you in the direction of starting your digital course with a 7-day, RISK-FREE shot. You owe it to your future self!

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